Monty Mole starred in this, probably the best game to grace the C64 and Sinclair ZX. Monty has escaped from Scudmore Prison with the help of Sam Stoat, his stalwart friend, and has to battle his way through safe houses, escape tunnels, sewers, etc, to escape to freedom.

A standard platform game, Monty on the Run is a seriously challenging puzzler as well. In the opening screen (on the C64 version) you must select 5 getaway items from a selection including a disguise, passport, 5" Floppy Disk (remember them?), rope, tank (of the artillery kind!) and so on, in order to help Monty Mole escape to the waiting ferry for his further advenures in Europe (in Auf Wiedersehen Monty). On his way the ferry, Monty Mole encounters massive flies, bizarre big-nosed men, and other such sprites, as well as having to use a nigh-on uncontrollable jet-pack and - probably most famously - Sir Clive Sinclair's C5 motorised bike, which proved nearly as uncontrollable in the game as it did in real life.

Monty on the Run was also graced by an excellent theme tune by Rob Hubbard. An mp3 copy of this tune is available from me on request.

In summary, Monty on the Run provided me - and thanks to emulators, still provides me - with hours of challenging gaming joy (hurrah!). It was far better constructed in terms of sheer gaming challenges than many of the modern 3-D games, mainly because it was restricted to basic 8-bit mediums. Always turning out top in ZZap 64 magazine's polls, it is an addictive and enduring game - and, more to the point, I still haven't completed it!

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