Home for the Montreal Canadiens from 1920-1924.

The Canadiens original home was the Westmount Arena. On Jan. 2, 1918, after 8 season at the Westmount Arena, it was totally destroyed in a fire, forcing the Canadiens to play at the Jubilee Rink - a long time "neutral" ice in Montreal. However, the fate of Canadien rinks' seemed sealed. The Jubilee rink burned down in the summer of 1919.

The Mont-Royal Arena was built in less than six months at a cost of $300,000. It seated 10,000 and served as the Canadiens home through the 1924 season.

After the 1924 season the Canadiens played several games at the new Montreal Forum, and some at the Mont-Royal Arena. Finally officially adopting the Forum as their home in 1926.

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