A book by, for, and about dirt bikers, "Monkey Butt -- Tall Tales, Bench Racing, and the \Inside Story of 30 Years in the Sport" by Rick Sieman, one-time editor of Dirt Bike Magazine. It's basically Rick's experiences in dirt biking, told with a rough-edged style that one would expect from a guy who's not much more than a dumb dirt biker. I mean that as a compliment.

It's got everything from repair horror stories to the saga of the Phantom Duck of the Desert, the man who stared down the BLM in order to keep the desert open to off-road riders.

An entertaining read, especially for a motorcyclist, on- or off-road. The title, incidentally, comes from what happens to your arse after too many consecutive hours on a dirt bike. Nice and red. . .

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