If you ask me, the smartest thing ABC has ever done was firing Boomer Esiason. He didn't cut it as an announcer, just as he didn't cut it as a quarterback. Monday Night Football is a wonderful spectacle of sports, more exciting than most other sports championship series! But when Boomer joined the broadcast booth, it began a decline. Of course the decline only lasted two seasons, but even that short time was too much for the public to bear, and now we will enjoy it more than ever!

Dennis Miller, the host of Dennis Miller Live on HBO is surprisingly, no, shockingly taking the job as the third man in the booth, next to Al Michaels and Hall of Famer Dan Fouts. The Monday night broadcasts will be full of comedy, excitement, and professionalism, three things in which it had lacked with Boomer Esiason. All I know is I can't wait for September 4th to roll around!

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