Period of Toyotomi Hideyoshi's conquest and rule of Japan in the late 16th century. After Oda Nobunaga's death in 1582, Hideyoshi succeeded in winning the struggle for power among Nobunaga's vassals and allies. In 1592, he built a great castle in Kyoto named Fushimi castle. Later, the castle also became known as Momoyama castle, hence the name of the era.

The Momoyama Era is well known for development of the arts, internationalization and trade, and the building/restoration of great castles. Great castles that were built include Fushimi (Momoyama) castle and Osaka castle. Tea ceremony flourished and the development of modern kabuki also came during the Momoyama Era.

Usually, the Momoyama Era is referred together with the period of Nobunaga Oda's rule before it, the Azuchi Era (1568-1582), as the Azuchi-Momoyama Era. Most historians put the end of the Azuchi-Momoyama Era in 1598 at Hideyoshi Toyotomi's death, but some put it to 1600 when Ieyasu Tokugawa seized power after the Battle of Sekigahara which marks the beginning of the Edo Period.

Major Events of the Momoyama Era:

Western  Japanese    Event (italics denotes term or event in romanized Japanese)
 Year      Year

 1582  (Tensho 10)   Nobunaga Oda's death at Honnou Temple (Honnouji no Hen)
                     Battle of Yamazaki (Hideyoshi Toyotomi vs Mitsuhide Akechi)

 1583     (11)       Battle of Shizugatake (Hideyoshi Toyotomi vs Katsuie Shibata)
                     Hideyoshi Toyotomi starts construction of Osaka Castle

 1584     (12)       Battle of Komaki Nagakute (Hideyoshi Toyotomi vs  Ieyasu Tokugawa)

 1585     (13)       Invasion of Shikoku (Shikoku Heitei)
                     Assumes title of Kanpaku

 1586     (14)       Takes name of Toyotomi (Previously used Hashiba)

 1587     (15)       Invasion of Kyushu (Kyushu Heitei)

 1588     (16)       "Sword Hunt" - seizure of weapons from non-warrior classes (katana gari rei)

 1590     (18)       Unification of Japan

 1592  (Bunroku 1)   First Invasion of Korea (Bunroku no Eki) ( - 1593)

 1597  (Keicho 2)    Second Invasion of Korea (Keicho no Eki) ( - 1598)

 1598     (3)        Death of Hideyoshi Toyotomi

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