Chapter 7 of The Tale of Genji

An Autumn Excursion
Autumn of Genji's 18th year to Fall of his 19th year.

The Emperor plans a royal festival for Fujitsubo, who is now quite along in her pregnancy. Genji and To-No-Chujo perform a dance and Genji's version is so beautiful that he attracts great praise from the Emperor, much to the chagrin of Lady Kokiden. She of course sees Genji as a threat to her son, the crown prince.

Genji tries to visit his wife Aoi at Sanjo, but she is having none of him. She has heard a rumor that he is keeping another woman, namely Murasaki, and she is very upset. He tries to calm her but she is aloof as always and he doesn't stay long. His father-in-law is still fond of him however and gives him a gift as he leaves.

As the new year approaches, Fujitsubo becomes weaker and finally gives birth to a son, though everyone can't help but (quietly) notice that the child strongly resembles Genji.

Murasaki is still quite young but is maturing in manners and appearance. She starts to make more demands on Genji's time, but there are many women at court waiting for a chance to have him visit them.
One such woman in her fifties makes a pass at him. Not wanting to be rude, he humors her for a while when To-No-Chujo, wanting to teach Genji a lesson for his amorous ways, bursts in on them. A mock battle is staged at the lady's expense.

The Emperor makes the surprise announcement that Fujitsubo is his new Empress, instead of the mother of the heir apparent, and her son (and Genji's) will be the crown prince to succeed Kokiden's son as Emperor.

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