A wonderful show on Food Network hosted by the super cool Mario Batali. Mario cooks authentic Italian exclusively and is fond of using parmeseano regioano(sp?),"the undisputed king of cheeses" to accentuate nearly everything, especially pasta, which he makes nearly every show using "the well method" which is sure to develop your forearms. Mario has three guests every show,which seem to be friends of his, and who sit at the counter on which he cooks. They help by tasting the finished products and by obediently chopping, mashing, ect. as ordered by Mario throughout the food preparation.

I find this show to be very entertaining and informative and it also makes me eat alot more pasta. It's Food Network schedule is Monday thru Friday at 10:30 am,4:30 pm,and 2 am and on Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 am. (all central time)

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