Mollies are drywall anchors. They look somewhat like a really big screw with deadly flanges mounted on the drilling end. Mollies also (and this is the important part) have a threaded hole in their head which allows them to be screwed.

If you live in a ghetto fabulous apartment that's nothing but a sea of drywall as far as the eye can see, Mollies just might be your best friend.

Your only other viable option for mounting anything on your walls is to buy a stud finder and mount directly into the studs of the walls.

...Depending on how really ghetto fabulous your apartment actually is, you may find those studs few and far between, and unless you're building shelves or something else large enough to cover more than one stud, you might not even have enough support from the studs to do you much good.

So you buy yourself some Mollies.

Although Mollies look a lot like screws, they aren't really. It's better to think of Mollies as portable holes. Portable load bearing holes would be more accurate, since you can put a hole in drywall just about anywhere and just about any time... it's just not going to hold any weight.

How to use Mollies:

One last word... Mollies don't really come out of the wall very well. Once they're in place, and you no longer love them or need them, it's really best just to putty over them and then paint the walls again. Removing a Molly leaves a hole in the drywall about the size of a dime, which landlords rarely like. And of course you're dealing with landlords, cause surely you didn't buy anything so ghetto fabulous, right?

Rave kid slang for ecstasy that, instead of being pressed into hard pills, is powder in gelatin capsules. This term is shortened from the word molecule; years ago some crafty drug dealer probably called his batch of pills molecules, and the name stuck.

Mollies come in all shapes and sizes, concordant with the sizes of capsules available off the shelf. I've seen caps that were only four millimeters wide and ten long, as well as two-and-a-half centimeter horse pill sized ones. Creative dealers will buy colored caps and mix and match the two halves to make a distinctive "brand" without having to press the pill. I've heard of a notoriously effective nationwide brand, Killer Bees, was made of black and yellow capsule halves. If you're looking for capsules -- for purely scientific reasons, of course :-) -- they can be acquired at your local health food store, or bought online. Online suppliers generally have a better (more colorful!) selection, but your government inspired paranoia may prevent this if you need a lot of capsules.

Content-wise, smaller capsules are usually packed full, probably partially with filler. Larger ones are usually only a third or fourth full of powder. An acquaintance who made his own mollies from powder tried to aim for 100 milligrams as the content, but he judged the amount with a tiny scoop. Since no mass measurement was actually done at any stage, the actual content was doubtlessly off.

I've heard that back in the day mollies were usually pretty wonderful quality, but that sadly isn't the case any more. With the temptation of being able to put in DXM, methamphetamine, baking soda, or anything else that's a white powder, I'm not surprised. My luck has been pretty bad, and I suggest that you only buy mollies from dealers you trust. My score so far is: 1 crank, 1 MDA, 1 DXM, 1 nothing, and 4 MDMA. Quality on the real MDMA pills was great, but a 1:1 ratio of good to bunk is pretty damn lousy.

Pressed mollies are another beast altogether, and are comparatively rare. They are made up of the powder in question, pressed with just enough binder to hold it together. Tiny and light, they crumble easily and are thus better suited to snorting than regular pills. They also don't contain enough material to hold a die impression, so they are brandless except for shape (UFOs, Octagons, etc.). My friends' and my own experience with pressed mollies has been very positive, but as with all illegal drugs, be careful. A bonus with being light in filler is that the taste of the chemical really comes through -- i.e., if what you're eating is ecstasy, you'll know because of it has the nastiest of all nasty tastes.

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