Mokhzani Mahathir the second son of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, is also a business man. However he is the only one who followed his father into politics, currently holding the post of Treasurer to the UMNO Youth movement.

Mokhzani Mahathir's main business vehicle is the listed Tongkah Holdings of which he is chairman. It has at least 31 subsidiaries spread across a range of activities. The core focus however is health-care services, followed by manufacturing and stockbroking. Tongkah has a 15-year contract to provide hospital support services to 19 government-owned hospital in Malaysia, and a majority stake in Hospital Pantai, a listed operator of and supplier of services to private hospitals in Malaysia.

Mokhzani, started work as a petroleum engineer. Searches made at the Registry of Companies at the end of 1994, show Mokhzani had interests in 48 companies.

It has been published that Mokhzani Mahathir is director of Tongkah Holdings Berhad one of the three companies awarded Hospital Support Services privatisation project by the Malaysian Government.

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