Another of Southern California's misunderstood and strange 'rivers', this one may be the one Mark Twain was talking about when he said 'I fell into a river in California and came out all dusty'. This is because unless theres some kind of flood going on, this river is just a big dry sandy expanse cutting across the Mojave Desert. It starts on the northern Side of the San Bernadino Mountains in a flurry of bizarrely named forks. It has a west fork which itself has an east fork (the east fork of the west fork of the mojave river). These all join in silverwood lake which has water in it only because it is linked to the california aqueduct. But interestingly, this river has no east fork. It seems that its east fork is deep creek which makes sense because both deep creek and its major tributary, holcomb creek are bigger than the mojave river. All of these merge together in a 'reservoir' called the mojave river forks reservoir which is always dry (theres trees and stuff growing where the lake would be). Perhaps it was created for flood control but i dont know who would bother because the river basically dumps into the desert after that, where no one really cares where it flows in the unlikely event it fills with water. Interestingly, the river emerges from the sand in a narrows somewhere in Apple Valley and flows as a fairly notable watercourse for a mile or two. Then it disappears again. The wash resulting from this river goes into barstow and eventually ends in a dry lake bed. I guess during a 100 year flood it would empty into the amargosa river and death valley.

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