Modifying cars in GTA3

If you have Grand Theft Auto 3 for PC then you will have the ability to modify the files within the game, allowing you do make changes to the characteristics of cars, weapons, pedestrians, etc. To modify the vehicles in GTA3, first access the following in a text editor; Rockstar Games\GTAIII\data\handling. Scroll down to see a disclaimer, the definitions of terms, and the specs of the vehicles themselves.

Before you go any further, I strongly recommend that you save a copy of this file elsewhere on your hard-drive so if you really mess up, you will be able to copy and paste your way back to having the original files.

Next, read through the field descriptions. This details the functions of the different columns in the table bellow. For now, you will probably only wish to change column N (max speed), B (mass), Y (collision damage multiplier) and column O (acceleration). I recommend that you leave the other columns intact, as they can ruin your vehicle, for example column AB (suspension) which can partially submerge your vehicle and thus prevent you from doing anything with it.

Scroll down to THE DATA. Here you will find the cars themselves. Take car not to alter column A, as it is the identifier for the car. Changing this will cause the game to freeze up when the car in question is loaded. Bellow is the row in the table which governs the characteristics of the Stinger (note that in the text editor it is displayed in a single line of code);

STINGER 1000.0 1.9 4.7 1.5 0.0 0.0 -0.30 50 1.2 0.85 0.5 5 200.0 30.0 4 P 11.0 0.45 0 30.0 2.6 0.1 0.25 1.0 35000 0.28 -0.14 0.5 A182 1 1

Bellow is the modified version, where I have changed the max speed, acceleration, the mass (how strong it is) the collision multiplier (it should be set to 0) and a few other columns which I have forgotten about (always mod columns two at a time so that if you mess up, you will remember which column caused the error).

STINGER 999999.0 1.9 4.7 1.5 0.0 0.0 -0.30 120 2.0 0.85 0.5 5 999.0 80.0 4 D 5.0 0.45 0 30.0 8.6 0.1 0.25 0.0 35000 0.28 -0.14 0.5 A1818 1 1

Copy and paste the above code into your handling file and try driving the stinger inside the game. This should give you a better idea as to what each of the modified columns does.

In order to change the colour of the cars, access carcols, in the same folder as handling.

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