Modern Warfare 2 is an upcoming First Person Shooter by the developer Infinity Ward. It is a sequel to the game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Recently, details have emerged from the an issue of Game Informer.
Some of the key points are:

    -"Soap" MacTavish from Cod4 will be returning as a non-playable character (Players control him in Cod4). It would be interesting to see how he sounds like since he never talks.
    -There won't be coop in the single player campaign, but players will be able to play cooperatively in specific "Special Forces" maps. I'm guessing it would be similar to the zombie levels in Call of Duty: World at War
    -More open ended game play. Hopefully it would be like the branching paths in the Cod:WaW
    -Single-player missions will include stealth and underwater levels.
    -Enemies will no longer respawn continuously. In all the previous Call of Duty games, endless waves of enemies would just keep on coming until the player reaches an invisible trigger. Which causes the player to rush blindly past enemies just to get to the next checkpoint, instead of focusing on shooting enemies which is what an FPS is supposed to be about. So this is a really welcome change.

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