The town may have long been deserted but the lore of the place was as deep and as dark as the clouds that rolled above it. Originally a minor mining town on the outskirts of civilisation, the citizens that lived there were hard working and content with their simple and honest lives. The gods however had other plans. Creating chaos purely for their own twisted amusement, the gods cursed the town. The skies rained fire. To try to douse the inferno from the sky the townspeople poured water onto the blaze. The gods had expected this and the water supplied had been transformed into oil, fuelling the blaze further. All food in the town rotted as soon as touched by the town folk. Starving, thirsty and without shelter, all the surviving folk desperately tried praying to the gods for help without realised they were in fact begging their tormenters for mercy.

The gods relished in wicked delight at the misery they had caused. They danced, drank, sang, and laughed for days at the torment they had caused the town’s folk, but one of the gods had had enough. The young god was disillusioned with the despicable behaviour of his fellow gods. The young god desperately wanted to help to the people of the town, so he decided to aid the town incognito. Disguised as large and magnificent, blue, red and gold coloured eagle, the young god arrived at the town and spoke with the leader of the town. He told the town leader of the true cause of their sudden and desperate misfortune and told the leader that the town’s folk must leave the town or be damned. Together with the town leader, the young god led the remaining town’s folk to a nearby river where they bathed, drank and slept in peace for a time.

The Gods had been distracted by their drunken celebrations and had only just noticed the treachery of this young god with a heart. The gods were furious and a vicious cry as loud as a million hammer falls, erupted from the sky. The deviant young god must be made to suffer for his insolence and so must the remaining townspeople. The brave young god heard the cry of bloodlust from the other gods and knew this would be the end of him; however, he could make one final stand against the other evil gods. The women and children of the town were flown to safety on the backs of giant golden hawks and the men that were able to fight stayed to show the gods their defiance and faith in this young brave god.

The gods roared with laughter at the thought of fighting mortal beings, what did they hope to achieve with their pathetic stance. So it was. The old evil and cynical gods clashed with the young god and his mortal followers. It became known as the Seven Minute War. The destruction was immense and none of the mortals had their lives spared. The gods captured the young rebellious god and set about his punishment. The young god was bound to an enormous stone and frozen in position, but still able to see, hear, smell and think. Able to feel his now stone body worn away slowly by the elements. The stone and the now old stone god are in the centre of the old mining town as a warning to all mortals; we can do as we please.

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