Mochasoft is a small Danish software company that makes excellent terminal emulation software. Their products include software for accessing IBM's 5250 (AS/400) and 3270 protocols, as well as Telnet. The software is available for Win32, Win16, WinCE, Mac, Linux, and even PalmOS. Java versions of the software are also available.

Mochasoft's software has saved me from many headaches when it comes to setting up AS/400 access for people at work. Their TN5250 software is only 265K, saving me from having to install some 100 Meg behemoth like IBM's Client Access or Netsoft Elite. The software is also significantly faster than IBM's or Netsoft's offerings. It supports things that a Telnet client cannot, such as AS/400 Device IDs. It is also the only 5250 client that seems to works with our VPN. It is also very inexpensive, costing $250 for unlimited licenses, and includes unlimited free upgrades. If you use AS/400 I would definitely recommend you check this software out. Their website is at

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