A frozen iced mocha put out by CC's, a semi local coffee shop chain in New Orleans. A drink good for opening up summer mornings at work.

This morning, I sit in the front office at work with my Mochasippi and on the radio the highs today are set in the mid 90's. On the way to work I saw a wreck. A work truck slammed head on into a pole. PVC pipe strewn like confetti. A woman in navy hospital scrubs pats the truck driver on the shoulder as he drags lazily on his cigarette. She was the driver of the car he clipped on his way to the pole and by the look of it, they all seemed unusually calm about the whole thing.

We sit in the front office, drinking in the A/C before the day really begins, before it gets really hot. My brain feels like it's lurching in its casing from the caffiene rush. A smile breaks across my face in a thin line; my eyes blink in slow motion. For once we are all allowed to forget that it's June, that the hottest months are not far ahead. We are allowed to chew the fat and be regular office people for a time, until the day gets started.

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