The latest offering from SWR, a famous manufacturer of electric bass amps.* The Mo' Bass is an all-analog (ie, tube preamp, or valve-state, nothing digital) 900 watt bass amp head. What's so exciting about it is the built-in analog effects - Distortion, chorus, SubWave (plays a "copy" of your sound an octave lower), and bass synth. The effects, being analog, supposedly sound fantastic compared to digital effects.

To create the ultimate SWR rig, you would pair this with the four-foot-tall Megoliath bass cab. Technically two separate amps, each with four ten-inch custom SWR speakers, but the top one has a tweeter to accent the high end. Needless to say, this setup would be very loud, and put out a jaw-dropping tone, even right out of the box.

*They make no guitar equipment.

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