I have to express a few thoughts on Mix98.5, a radio station out of Boston, MA. I wouldn’t normally have anything particular to say about them, because I wouldn’t listen to them out of my own volition, but since I am forced to listen to it all day, everyday at work, it’s driven me crazy. Although, I guess listening to anything for such a large amount of time would drive anybody crazy!

The thing that really burns me about this station (besides the fact that I’m not a fan of their music, ever), is the fact that they blatantly lie. They say every ten minutes "this is a no repeat work day," and then play a song they played an hour ago. ?? My theory is that they only worked one day and recorded it, and they’re just playing that one day over and over again.

And they say they have "the best variety." I’m sorry, but playing Macy Grey, Bare Naked Ladies, Matchbox20 and other very similar bands, isn’t a "variety"—especially when that’s all they play, over and over again. Throw in some Nine Inch Nails, some Bach and Donna Summer, and then you have some variety.

Also, every morning they talk about very generic news topics. Lately they’ve been having lengthy discussions about the TV show Survivor. They talk about who will be kicked off next, never really saying anything too exciting or insightful, and then they take calls from people who also express generic ideas. And they’re all very interested in this, talking about what time the show is on tonight. To me, there’s nothing sadder than a person who talks so much about people who are on TV; it’s comparable to sitting at home, watching other people having fun and doing stuff. It’s not living life, it’s watching other people live life.

I guess my real beef with this station is that it’s such a product, so contrived. It’s being what it thinks it should be, being what the mass public wants it to be; like politicians. And while there’s merit to a radio station wanting to please it’s listeners, I am left to wonder who really could enjoy listening to the same stuff ALL DAY EVERY DAY. If that’s the case, who are these people that make up our community? People en mass seem so superficial. It worries me.

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