Miracle Girls is a comic, or manga, by Nami Akimoto, originally in Japanese and released in English by Chix Comix, and imprint of Mixx Entertainment. The first issue was released in December of 2000, the cover price is $2.95 and the comic is in black and white and suitable for all ages although primarily targeted for pre-teen girls.

The story follows two girls, Toni and Mika. They are twins with psychic powers including telepathy and limited teleportation. The first story arc is covered in five issues and focuses on what happens when a teacher desperate to find proof of paranormal abilities catches one of the girls teleporting and starts following her around. Since the girls attend different schools, nobody knows there are two until they trade places so that the more athletic of them, Toni, can compete in a track meet at Mika's school.

The adventure with the teacher is resolved, but things continue as the girls both have developing relationships with boys who attend Mika's school. This is made even more difficult for Toni who has attended an all-girls school and doesn't have much experience with boys.

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