A cyclist who went missing near Santa Cruz in the summer of 2001.

Volunteers organized at findminna.org, searched extensively, searched for longer than most rescue efforts last. They did not give up hope until Minna was found.

Traces of her are still on the Web, referring eerily to her in the present tense. The newsletter of the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage says "Minna Sandmeyer is living back in the Palo Alto/Stanford area and spending her free time as a radical cheerleader."(1) Her article on StudentAdvantage.com, picked up from the Stanford Daily, encourages liberal arts students to look for high-tech jobs.(2) Just last year she was in Berlin as an intern at Freie Universität Berlin.(3) Later these links will decompose: ashes to ashes, electrons to electrons.

Sadly, Minna appears to have taken her own life as a result of depression. It is a tribute to her life that so many people worked so hard, though in vain, to save her.

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