Milkbone is the famous brand of dog biscuits manufactured by Nabisco and are effectively what Kleenexes are to tissues as they are to dog biscuits. Crunchy, hardbaked, and bone-shaped, they're a real treat for any dog as well as great for their dental hygiene and are vitamin fortified. Interestingly, there are people who like to eat them as well (No, not me!). Also, they also sell other types of dog treats, including...

  • Original
  • Jerky Strips
  • Steak & Cheesers
  • Ham & Cheesers
  • Bacon & Cheesers
  • Soft 'N Chewy Treats
  • Flavor Snacks
  • Gravy Treats
  • DentaSnacks
  • Hot Dogz
  • Mar-O-Snacks
  • Puppy
  • Super Premium
  • Dog Treats

My dog thinks they're okay...


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