It exists, no matter how much the media tries to hide it. The liberal media can bandy the term "religious right" around all day, but no self-respecting bleeding heart media mogul will ever let the term "militant left wing" on the air. Yes, we conservatives know there is a religious right, and no, they are not in control of the conservatives. Just like the liberals know full well the existence of a militant left wing, and that's right, believe it or not, they're not yet in control of yet, but if we don't smarten up really fast they will be in control very soon.

The militant left wing is everywhere, haunting places as diverse as college campuses, Canada, facets of the media monster, schools, and various riot grounds. The People's Republic of Berkeley and The People's Republic of Cambridge are more famous examples of college liberalism, which is often quite radical, I personally suspect the existence of the Cornell Soviet. Militant left wing people can be just as annoying as their opposing characters, the religious right wing. These people include:

Yes, liberals can be radicals too, and believe it or not, it is the left, not the right, that is known for its history of terrorism and violence. Some liberals don't acknowledge the existence of the militant left wing, because they falsely assume that only conservative bigots are capable of violence and oppression. How naive. At least I know the religious right exists.
and believe it or not, it is the left, not the right, that is known for its history of terrorism and violence...

Is that the case? While Stalin was hardly a humanitarian, to say the least, I don’t recall the Italian fascists as the humanists you portray them... While the term Nazi was supposed to include the term socialist, the Nazi party was hardly a pro-gay-rights, pro-choice environmentalist bunch of guys, now were they? The definitions of left and right do not stay static as years go by, and the soviet regime under Stalin, while holding a rather radical left wing economic approach, was right wing (as defined in our days) in many other fields.

Of course both sides have radicals, and of course these radicals are, well, radical. You must however hand it to the left-wing radicals, DMan, that fewer of them seem inclined to burning and lynching people, at least in the modern US and Europe.

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