- Born in Bowmanville, Ontario on Oct. 21, 1949

Mike Keenan, currently not employed in the NHL, has been a coach since 1987. Known for his determination, grinding work ethics and hard-nosed demeanor, Keenan has seen much success as an NHL coach, ranking fourth on the all-time list for both games coached (1069) and victories (539).

Keenan has previously coached for six NHL franchises: Philadelphia (1984-1988), Chicago (1988-1992), the New York Rangers (1993-1994), St. Louis (1994-1996), Vancouver (1997-1998), Boston (2000-2001), and Florida (2002-2003). Keenan led the 1994 New York Rangers to the Stanely Cup Finals, where they won their first Stanley Cup in 54 years. Keenan left the team the following offseason due to contract disputes.

Keenan's other accomplishments include three Presidents' Trophies, six division titles, and five 100-plus point seasons. Keenan also appeared as a head coach in the Stanley Cup Finals four different times with three different teams (Chicago, Philadelphia and New York). Also, Keenan won the Jack Adams Award, which is awarded to the best coach, in 1985 with the Philadelphia Flyers.

A very rough individual, Keenan has often had trouble with other members of organizations in which he participated in. Keenan was awarded General Manager positions in St. Louis, Chicago and Vancouver, mainly because of rumors of his disputes with other GM's in the league. Also, he has several weird coaching quirks, one of which includes rotating the starting and backup goalies in and out of play during games. In one game during the 2001-2002 season, Keenan switched goalies a total of six times in one game, which is extremely unorthodox.

Keenan's last job as head coach of the Florida Panthers ended in a firing during 2003. He was replaced by general manager Rick Dudley.

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