Mighty Peking Man is the name of a very old Shaw Brothers Hong Kong action film. It has what are quite possibly the worst "special" effects ever filmed.

The plot is as follows: Hong Kong supercop Johnny Feng has just broken up with his girlfriend, and is very sad. So he gladly takes on a mission to investigate rumors a gigantic King Kong ripoff is terrorizing the jungles of India, destroying villages and horrifying the populace with his startlingly rigid and unexpressive rubber mask.

The jungles of India, by the way, are a scary place. Animals attack all the time for no particular reason. Lucky for the nondescript brown people who apparently inhabit this region of the world, all the animals are projected against flimsy backdrops, which makes them very easy to defeat.

When Johnny arrives, he finds a white jungle girl inexplicably living in the wilds and exerting much calming influence over the Mighty Peking Man, whom she calls "Utam." Oh and by the way, she also talks to all the animals. Johnny of course seduces the honky jungle princess, pimp that he is, to what is probably the only musical dating montage in history featuring a blonde woman in a leather bikini twirling in circles with a tiger in her arms.

Jungle bitch seduced, mission accomplished, Johnny Feng Supercop persuades her to allow Utam to be chained up and brought back to civilization, where he performs 3 shows a day under pretty harsh conditions. There is a completely irrelevant love triangle with Johnny's ex-girlfriend, and Utam goes nuts and has to be put down...at which point the movie is immediately brought to an end, thank you Jesus.

It is a terrible movie, but its power to entertain people under the influence of party drugs is self-evident and undeniable.

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