Mighty Jill Off is an independent game by a person who calls herself Anna Anthropy or Auntie Pixelante. From it's name, it's some sort of a parody of the Bomb Jack games by Tekken/Tecmo, except with a bit more of a BDSM theme to it.

You control Jill Off, or Jill, who is a short, plump, but very determined rubber-clad gimp. She's busy foot-worshipping a tall, elegant black-clad lady known only as "the Queen" one day, when she gets too enthusiastic and is called a "GREEDY SLUT!" and booted all the way from the Queen's throne room to the lowest dungeon of the tower. Jill must then, guided by the player, climb all the way back up to the top of the tower avoiding the many hazards and pitfalls therein.

Controlwise, it's akin to Bomb Jack. You have left, right, and jump. Jill can jump very high indeed and control her jumping. And that latex cape is useful as well - hammer the Jump keys (Ctrl, shift, and Z all jump) and she'll slow her descent or immediately start dropping. Hammer them fast enough and she can hover almost horizontally. It takes getting used to but isn't too bad.

Hazards include fire, which kills her, spiders, which kill her, spikes, which kill her, and so on. Thankfully she's got infinite lives but each death sends her to the beginning of the conveniently colour-coded segment again.

Upon reaching the top of the tower, which is actually pretty tough, what happens?

Jill: "I did it my queen!"
The Queen: "So you did... NOW GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN!"
Jill: *wink*

And it quits on you.

If, however, you do it fast enough, that is, under 12 minutes, then you get to "JILL OFF HARDER" which is the same thing again but with a more difficult tower. MUCH more difficult. Deliberately toying with the player's expectations more difficult. Taking advantage of the fact that Jill doesn't die of fire if she's one pixel exactly on the platform more difficult. I have never successfully JILLED OFF HARDER in that I ended up switching off in frustration. It is actually very, very hard, though not quite I Wanna Be The Guy hard, although the hard tower does have some IWBTG-esque tricks about it.

In a way, I kinda see the idea of the player being a gimp and the game, represented by the Queen, as a perpetually unforgiving taskmaster, telling poor Jill to go and do it again, and the player never gets any real fulfilment or tangible reward out of it in that Jill never gets to properly please the Queen. I'm sure this is some sort of metaphor for gaming as a whole. Even if you JILL OFF HARDER, Jill still gets sent down in even more severe bondage to go and do it again.

If you're interested, get it here.

(IRON NODER 2011, 10/30)

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