A cool company that makes high quality computer speakers. Originally established in 1984 as Data Soft International in Taipei, Taiwan, the company's initial objective was to develop the first set of MIDI sequencing software and sound cards. Successfully, the first add-on PC sound card was introduced to the market in 1988. With the introduction of the world's first magnetically shielded speaker systems for home and business computers, MidiLand Inc. was born and the headquarters established in California, USA.

Since then, MidiLand Inc. has been a force in the extremely competitive computer speaker industry. International branch offices are strategically positioned in Pomona, CA, East Brunswick, NJ, Breda, The Netherlands, Hanover, Germany and Taipei, Taiwan. Dedicated to producing extreme quality through the latest technological advancements, MidiLand speakers have maintained less than 0.2% defective rate since 1994 and are manufactured in ISO-9002 certified facilities.

The MidiLand S2 series are among the most critically acclaimed computer speaker systems in the industry. The S2 4100 has won more awards than any other system in its field, such as the PC Computing MVP Award and the PC Gamer Editor's Choice Award, as well as, Editor's Choice on the popular websource CNET and the highly trafficked gaming site, Gamepost's 5 Star Reviewer's Choice.

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