I have just come from an hour long presentation on Project Management Methodologies. A topic as near to my heart as a razorblade shoved sideways up my rectum. Needless to say, the black and white wordy presentation, coupled with the monotone of the presenter droning in the background sent me to sleep. This also comes at a time when I am working two jobs and getting about 4-5 hours sleep a night - every night.

These sleeps were what could be termed "Micro-sleeps", which lasted for only a second or two. They started with my eyes glazing over, and head nodding, then my eyes shut for a brief second (I hope). I’d re-open my eyes and look around the room to see if anyone had noticed, hoping that I hadn’t started snoring.

During these brief sleeps, I actually dreamed. These dreams seemed quite real, and somehow I related the dreams, when I woke, back to where I was and what was going on. Here are some of the dreams/thoughts that went on:

I think there were more than this, but it’s all I can remember. Note to self: Next time take pen and paper, and write them down, you have to get something out of these presentations.

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