take my hand
see yourself
reflected in my eyes

and hang on
beautiful one
for the sweet light's coming
sweet light's coming
sweet light's coming soon

(Sweet light)

In a music industry obsessed with making money, and ensuring your product is appealing to the largest possible target market, there is often no room for the artist who is willing to expose his soul. For the artist who writes with honesty, and passion, not caring if the whole world can view his sorrows, his joys, his deepest pain. Fortunately, every so often an artist appears, who refuses to be ignored. The power, and beauty in their words, the feeling in their music, is enough to cut through the recording industry crap, and straight to the heart of what music should be. Personal, honest, meaningful.

Mick Hart is such an artist. He writes songs that have the rare ability to touch you deeply - it's obvious that each word he sings is true, every one is written from his heart. You never get the sense that a song written by Mick Hart was written for the sake of writing a song, or filling an album. It was written because it needed to be written.


rescue me, rescue me
i'm alone here, i'm alone here to an empty space
for i can't tell
and i can't feel
i'm sinking lower, lower, lower than i've ever been


Mick Hart's solo career was born in early 1997. When the Squealing Pigmies, the band Mick was a member of, took a break, he began to play solo. By mid 1997, he had formed a band, and was touring the East Coast of Australia. Mick Hart and band consist of:

Mick Hart - Vocals, Guitars, Lapsteel, Dobro, Sitar, Percussion, Rhodes, Optigan
Naomi Radome - Violins, Viola, Glockenspiel
Jerry Burcham - Drums, Percussion
Guy Mansfield - Bass

The addition of a violin in the songs of Mick Hart, lend them a unique sound, and sets his songs apart from many of the others in this genre. Sometimes barely there, at other times sitting right on top of all other sound, it's rarely used in a straight forward manner. On some songs, it creates a discordant sound, before wrapping back around and finding just the perfect place to reconnect. On other songs, it's used so subtly, to create a totally peaceful atmosphere, that floats along with Mick's beautiful voice in total harmony. Then there are the times that it drives the song, pushing urgently, as it carries you along.


standing still
beauty dipped so deep beyond the touch of skin
etched into the richness of within
so climb into my eyes
embrace me in this moment
this could be the last time that we ever touch
do we really know, as time ticks us away
is there anyway, anyway how

(Is This Goodbye?)

Mick Hart has toured extensively internationally, right from the early days of his solo career. Before his first EP was released in Australia in 1998, he was touring the UK and Europe. Right from the outset, he attracted healthy interest from European agencies and record companies. In 1999, he extensively, including LA, New York, London, Dublin, Paris and the French Alps, playing in venues such as LA's Viper Room, and London's Borderline.

On top of extensive touring, he has also supported many major international bands and artists, such as Sting, Gomez, Coldplay, and support slots for Bob Dylan in Australia. His fans include Luka Bloom, and Ben Harper, who was happy to share his enthusiasm for Mick Hart with the media at 1999's East Coast Blues and Roots Festival.


Release EP - released 1998, MDS Records
Kill Yourself For Love EP - released 1999, MDS Records
Still The Flowers Bloom LP - released 2001, Mushroom Records

Mick Hart shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, he still has a hectic touring schedule planned. Good news really, because it means there's a good chance he'll be heading to my town soon, and I'll have the chance to experience the magic live again. It's a wonderful experience.

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