Prime suspect in the recent slaying of 7 people in an office in MA. And guess what folks? This guy is a verifiable geek! Take a look at his mug sometime on any news site. He looks like he should work at MIT or something. The details that have leaked out so far seem to indicate that there's no way he didn't do it, but he did plead not guilty today in court. It should be interesting to see how much these details change.

It was always my great fear programmers would become the lawyers of the future. Since computers would be everywhere you could blame just about everything on the programmers. It's a good paying, difficult, respectable job but everyone makes fun of them. But instead, we are quickly being labeled as the postal workers of the future. I can't decide if this is a good thing.

Completely by mistake, I'm the one who softlinked Kill the Poor below. I swear it wasn't on purpose.

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