Michael Gwyl Bevan is one of Australia's premier One Day Cricket batsmen. He was born on the 8th of May, 1970 in Belconnen, Canberra, at The Calvary Hospital. Bevan played cricket at school and was also accomplished in long jump and other athletic disciplines. In informal school matches, Bevan would refuse to be given out, even in obvious cases and would ensure that he batted all day. He played for the Western Creek Cricket Club and was soon accepted into the Commonwealth Bank Cricket Academy for young talent.

Bevan eventually moved to Sydney and was selected to play for the News South Wales one day and five day match sides. His first class average is more than 57 and his International One Day Average is over sixty. Early in his one day career, because he never got out, his average could not be calculated and when it finally was, it was over one hundred for several matches. He initially batted at number six and was moved up to number four in more recent years. Despite facing tougher competition in this higher position, he has successfully maintained his average.

Unfortunately for Bevan he has never been seen as a test cricket player. He played test cricket breifly but when his perfomance was poor in comparison to his one day efforts, he was dropped from the side. While Bevan is an integral part of the current one day side, many observers of the game consider it unlikely that he will ever play test cricket again.

In the Australian winter, Bevan plays cricket in the UK for Sussex County where his average is over seventy. Bevan's left handed batting skills are accompanied by his great pace between the wickets and on the field and his ability to bowl left arm China-Man (Off spin) with a deceptive 'wrongin'' (a ball that turns the other way).

Bevan lives in Sydney with his wife Tracy and his two young daughters.

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