Everyone thinks they know why you should quit heroin.

They cite the health reasons - risk of vein collapse, emaciation, overdose.

Then they attack the habit itself - the smell, the expense, even the color of your trackmarks.

They say America is a drug free country. There are more places where you can’t bang up in public than places where you can.

So you know these are pretty good reasons.

But it’s so damn hard to quit!

That’s what this product is for.

We’ll show you how to help fight your physical addiction to black tar heroin.

MethaDerm CQ® is an effective form of Narcotic Replacement Therapy (NRT, for short).

NRT is a proven ally for the person committed to quitting heroin.

Intravenous injection throughout the day gives you a steady supply of heroin. Quitting "cold turkey" shuts it off. Most quitting attempts fail because your body and your brain still crave heroin.

MethaDerm CQ® lets you replace the heroin you crave with a sophisticated delivery system - a patch - that gives you a steady flow of methadone for up to 24 hours at a time.

The MethaDerm CQ® patch is different from any other patch. Its unique design took years to test and perfect. It is the only over-the-counter narcotic patch that you can use over a 10 week period with 3 strengths, or steps so that you may gradually, smoothly reduce the level of heroin in your body. It can be worn for either 16 or 24 hours.

MethaDerm CQ® helps you to wean yourself from narcotics, gradually decreasing the dosage until it's low enough for you to discontinue using it altogether. By the end of a 10 week period, you can be drug free! But remember, your chances of quitting can improve when you use MethaDerm CQ® with a counseling program.

Successful quitters report that the excitement, the elation of your transformation as you become a nonbanger is much more pleasurable than the habit ever was.

(Yeah, right.)

We’re not saying its easy. But we want you to know that it can feel a lot better than you might think.

You can do it. MethaDerm CQ® can help.

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