Meteor Hammer is a Chinese weapon made from 2 weights attached to a rope/cable/chain, one at each end.

Centripetal force (and very smooth technique) keeps the two weights separate and allows the wielder to adjust their grip to increase and decrease the speed of each individual weight. One, two and no handed control is possible.

There are many different types of Meteor all with different names, which are dependent on what is used for weights. Some are;

Meteor Bowls are 2 bowls one per end of the rope, which can contain most substances but traditionally are filled with fuel, water or sand. What the bowls are filled with changes the name of the weapon.

Traditionally “Fire Meteors” are made from two inward facing bowls, connected by a length of rope, chain or cable. Fuel or water (sometimes sand) is then poured into the bowls and in the case of fuel, lit. The bowls are then swung using techniques that are similar to those of Staff, Poi and Clubs. Being a martial art body and foot positions are very important.

A far safer way and more modern way of making fire Meteors is to attach a Poi wick (or similar) to each end. This opens up a far wider range of moves such as, Rope Dart techniques, which involve wrapping the cord around you and others, using the momentum to increase the speed and power of the weight. Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon uses a horseshoe and rope to this effect.

Monkey fist Meteors are made from a single length of rope with the ends tied into a Monkey fist knot.

Meteor Hammers are the name given to Meteors when used as a weapon, when used like thi a heavy metal weight attached to each end.

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