Babylon 5 Season 3, Episode 8. Written by J. Michael Straczynski, directed by Mike Vejar. Originally aired on February 19, 1996.

Primary Plot: An archeologist from Interplanetary Expeditions brings word that a Shadow vessel is being excavated...on Ganymede.

Secondary Plot: President Clark declares martial law.

Commentary: So it turns out that when the Shadows went into hiding 1000 years ago, they hid their ships underground on foreign remain there until they were needed again. EarthGov discovered one on Mars about ten years ago, and now another one has been discovered on Ganymede. And once again, they're sending the Psi Corps in to see if they can recover the ship. This is enough to incite Sheridan and company to actually take non-passive action against Earth for the first time--before this, all they had really done was investigate past events and pass the information back to General Hague.

And so, Sheridan takes the White Star into Sol System, kicks some Shadow butt, and narrowly escapes a shootout with his old ship (the EAS Agamemnon) before hightailing it back to Babylon 5. The consequences are immediately apparent--due to "heightened concerns about planetary security," Clark declares martial law.

Fun Fact: If you've got freeze-frame ability in whatever you're watching the episode on, take a close look at the sequence where the White Star goes into hyperspace after the battle. In one of the frames, while the White Star is heading towards the camera, an alien cityscape is superimposed over the hyperspace background. It is a shot from the children's science fiction show Hypernauts, which uses the same special effects company as Babylon 5 (JMS was not amused).

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