Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is a sand-box game similar to the Grand Theft Auto series that put the genre of sand-box games on the market.  Moving from the setting of North Korea in the first game to a whole new area to explore and destroy, Venezuela.  Where in the first game you are solely out for profit in the sequel the player, chosen from one of three options, has been hired for a job.  Once the job is completed the player is backstabbed by their client and even worse, they don't pay you!  From here on out the player is looking to collect on their delinquent payment, not with cash, but revenge. 

   Take Grand Theft Auto, replace the civilian cars with military vehicles, give the player means of large scale damage inflicting abilities such as artillery strikes, carpet bombs, MOABs, and a tactical nuke and you have Mercs 2. 

Available Characters

   Three different characters are available, each with an unique trait.

Jennifer MuiFast sprinter, great for moving in and out of combat and enemies quickly for hit-and-run tactics.

Mattias Nilsson:  Quicken health regeneration for when conflict really gets intense.

Christopher JacobsIncreased ammo capacity, perfect for inflicting large scale collateral damage.


Notable Features

Co-op: By far the most impressive aspect of the game is the ability to grab a friend from online or system link and start tearing up the country side. 

Persistent Cash:  When a player joins another player's game, any cash earned and not used is refunded to the players single player game.  This also includes any unused purchased items thus promoting players to play with and help others. 

Vehicles:  Featuring an extensive range of vehicles from wheeled, treaded, water-based, and air-based to assist the player in dominating the battlefield.

Abilities:  One of the most fun and rewarding parts of the game is the vast selection of means to destroying your foes.  A small example include: Surgical Strikes, Artillery Strikes, Carpet Bombs, Close Air Support, MOABs, and tactical nukes


Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (Video Game)

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