The Mercedes CLK is a 4-seated coupe built by DaimlerChrysler. Its form is derived from the famous Mercedes E-Class. The CLK is avaiable with hardtop-roof and as a cabriolet-version. There are 4 versions of engines to chose from:
  • a 4 cylinder 2 litre compressor engine with 163 hp
  • a 4 cylinder 2 .3 litre compressor engine with 196 hp
  • a 6 cylinder 3.2 litre engine with 212 hp
  • and a 8 cylinder 4.3 litre engine with 278 hp

If you really consider buying a CLK, then you should go for the cabriolet version. The Mercedes Tuners "AMG " and "Brabus" offer some real hardcore tuning packages for both models
I guess, it´s not going to win the "Most practical car of the century"-contest, but WOW, you will forget all those common sense issues when driving it...

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