Mephisto (pronounced meh-FEE-sto) was founded in 1965 by Martin Michaeli in Sarrebourg, France. Mephisto is known world-wide for making some of the most comfortable walking, hiking, sport, casual and dress shoes available. Each pair is handmade and, according to Mephisto, takes over 90 minutes to make.

Speaking from personal experience (I own a pair, and bought a pair for my father for his birthday), these are the most comfortable shoes on the planet. I've tried Birkenstocks, Rockports, Finn Comfort and many others in search of the perfect shoe, and this is it.

Unfortunately, perfection has its price. In the United States a pair of Mephisto walking shoes will set you back about $300 but, after owning my first pair, I would gladly pay double that for my second pair. Mephisto has a policy of not allowing mail order or internet sales. The only place you can officially buy Mephisto shoes is from an authorized retailer. The Mephisto homepage is:

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