In Latvian mythology, "Meness" refers both to the moon deity, and the actual moon. The Latvians had no concept of the moon's changing cycle, so Meness is often referred to as separate individuals, complete with different personalities, for each corresponding phase of the moon. Generally, Meness is associated with magical rites of both the pagan and latter-day Christian religions.

The moon was seen as an omen telling of war and battle, a focus of romanticism, and a symbol of mystery, change, death, and the underworld.

Here's his stuff:

  • a coat of either silver, gray, or simply 'light' colors; if not, then simply a covering of stars
  • sometimes gold, sometimes woolen clothes (when he plays with Saule)
  • a gold ring which he gives to bards
  • a crown or wreath of stars
  • boots
  • a sword of "six boughs" (wooden swords)

    He was sometimes called old brother, old man, old father, wise man, lazy man, or warrior. (warrior = lazy? dunno.) His sons were lazy too. His horses were the morning and evening stars.

    some info gleaned from

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