Men and women are fundamentally different; therefore, some differences between the genders should be enforced.

The first part of the above sentence is almost unarguably true. You can see those fundamental differences just by looking in a porno magazine. However, whether these differences are significant enough that people should be treated differently depending on gender in the areas where it's mostly a cause of debate, such as in the workplace; feminists have been whining for years that they're underpaid because they're women, totally missing the fact that they (statistically speaking) are off sick more than men and have babies - despite that this is critical to the survival of mankind, it does make them work less because they have to take care of the little buggers.

So while our first statement - that the genders are different, the other remains hard to grasp because it is hard to put a finger on what those "differences" should be. If the differences include salary, voting rights and/or social status, we (being firm belivers in the human rights, which state that everyone is born equal) would immediately dismiss this latter part of the statement discussed as utter rubbish. However, if the "differences" concern the fact that men and women use different bathrooms, use special garments to hide their genitals from the eyes of the opposite sex, or wear different clothes at weddings, et cetera - it's not so easy to dismiss it any longer.

Overall, I find it hard to analyze this statement - I'm only trying because my philosophy teacher thought I should - because I don't know what those "differences" which "should be enforced" are. I think that all humans, gender or race aside, should be valued (paid) depending on their ability to contribute to society (do their jobs) - if person A earns more than person B, who's doing the same job as A, this should be because A simply does the job better - not because A is of the wrong skin color or of the wrong gender. Is this how it is today already? Maybe in some places, but hardly everywhere. Still, I feel no pity for feminists who whimper because they have to choose between career and family - if they find themselves stuck at that crossroad, they obviously weren't planning ahead. And for that, they have nobody but themselves to blame.

As for the separate bathrooms, we should probably keep those around for a while longer. I don't usually watch TV, but if Ally McBeal is anythink like the worst-case scenario (or worse, very far from the worst-case scenario), we really aren't ready for those kinds of changes to the ways we treat men and women differently today.

Thank you for reading.

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