Memphis in May Music Fest is an annual Music Festival that brings in about 20 bands, ranging from soul, alternative rock, gospel, and country. It is held on the weekend closest to may 5th each year, and last from Friday till Sunday. Musicians at the Current Fest include Foo Fighters, creed, Widespread Panic, Stroke 9, Bryan Adams, and the Orange Mound Community Choir.Drugs and drug paraphanalia abound, as do minors smoking cigerates, which suspiciously Camel hands out at a mostly youth event... Other signs of decadence include nudity, mud, and really bad hangover in the morning. It is an offspring of Memphis in May, which in 2000 saluted India as the of the year. It is held near Beale Street on the Bluffs of the Mississippi River.Everything Quest 4: Artists/Bands/Groups

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