It so happened that today I felt the need to rearrange my room.

Bathed in the dimming rays of the sun, I moved old photos, scrapbooks, paintings, and trinkets around, absorbed in the natural pace of the task. I smiled at revived childhood memories, frowned at reminders of young follies, and often sat still and pensive on the hardwood flooring, turning it all over in my head.

I stumbled upon an old leather book that I had completely forgotten about in the past decade. Caressing its cover, I anticipated what I might find in it. I was having a vague idea but somehow not knowing exactly what was it was, and it were almost as I had accidentally discovered a Christmas present that had expired years ago and felt bitter to open now. Any number of things could be contained in the book's pages: pretentious poems written in my teenage years, circuit sketches drawn in my twenties, love letters that were never delivered to my college sweethearts; what could be in this book?

I resolved to investigate my short-lived but burning enigma.

Immediately, I almost cried; inundated by memories of a relationship that was once alight, dreams that once had the potential to become reality, a person that was once my grand motivator at the time --- how could I have forgotten it all?

Gingerly turning the faded pages, I perused all of the photos of us holding hands, kissing, and fondling each other, and that one night on which you seemed amusingly determined to give me a hickey. It had all seemed so lively at the time, and here I was on a Friday evening musing over my uneventful life. I thought about you. I am never one to keep in contact with old acquaintances and romantic partners, but last I heard, you are happily married with several children. A wave of dreariness broke over my mind as I realized that everybody in my life has been moving forward, and I am only the forgotten rook who stationarily resides in one corner of the chess board, blocked by all of the pawns and passively longing to stray outside. I retreated under my quilt and pondered this predicament for the next few hours until the sun set in its rightful place in the sky, the rejoicing of the daytime gone and over.

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