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"This smooth, yellow citrus beverage was introduced in 1978. Its refreshing taste and self-confident image are popular with teenagers."

Yes indeedy. Today's "rad" teens surely got the "411" when it comes to the "fly" taste of Mello Yello.

Clearly obvious it's a Mountain Dew ripoff. I believe it has a regional popularity in the United States--either that, or it's just not as popular now as it was in the late '70s when it first came out. It is strange that you don't see it more, since it's to the Coca-Cola Company what MD is to Pepsico, and you think they'd want it in, say McDonalds and all those places with an exclusive Coca-Cola vending contract.

It's a bit sweeter and less sharp tasting than Mountain Dew, if you can believe that. I used to drink it a lot when I was a kid in Oklahoma in the aforementioned late '70s.

My mother once told me an interesting story about the high concentration of caffeine in Mello Yello. You see my mother works as a guidance counselor at a high school and one day a student was sent to the principal's office for "acting weird or drunken and drinking in class". The can of Mello Yello that the student was drinking was sent to a police officer at the school who promptly tested it to see if there had been any added alcohol. He reported later that the tests were positive, but then a science teacher pointed out that the high caffeine level had probably effected the test. The student was deemed innocent but given a detention for disturbing class and the drinking of beverages during class.

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