Mehul Patel was the creator of some of the most influential and revolutionary BBS games of all time including Barren Realms Elite, Solar Realms Elite, and Falcon's Eye. The games were based on the same type of interface, and were designed with an almost identical look and feel. Also, they were InterBBS capable which was quite an acheivement in and of itself. After developing Falcon's Eye, however, Mehul began losing interest in the dial-up BBS world and began a project he called "Earth".

Earth 2025 was his first web-based game, built in Borland Delphi in six weeks and hosted on his site. At first his target audience was 500 users, but within weeks thousands were playing the online BRE clone. As of this writeup, Earth 2025 has well over 50,000 regular players.

Utopia was his next project, and was essentially a clone of Falcon's Eye with many teamwork-type enhancements taken from BRE that weren't implimented in Earth. Utopia was even more popular than it's predacessor, with over 60,000 active users as of this writeup.

Other games he's created include an online Fantasy Baseball game which has a userbase of more than 40,000.

Over time Solaria became Echelon became Earth 2025, Utopia, Fantasy Baseball, and other assorted web-fluff (such as 'greeting cards') are the products that offers today. As a side note, Barren Realms Elite and Falcon's Eye are now owned by John Dailey Software. They can still be downloaded, registered, and installed on your favorate BBS software (WWiV? PCBoard? Oblivion/2? I certainly hope not WildCat or TriBBS...).


See also: Door game, Solaria

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