Capcom's 1994 attempt at combining soccer with the Mega Man universe on the Super NES. All of the players are robot masters from past games, and each playing field is based on a past level. For the record, the complete list of characters includes...

Each character has specific strengths and weaknesses. For example, Wood Man makes a good goalie, while Mega Man makes a good choice for forward. Experimentation will reveal who is best at what skill. Furthermore, each character has a super shot move that launches the ball a great distance, and the move is pulled off with a style and flare that calls up memories of the character's original attack moves from previous Mega Man games.

Overall the game feels horribly incomplete. There is no ending; the game simply returns to the title screen after finishing it.

Other than that there's not much more to this game. Soccer fans will enjoy it, but as a traditional Mega Man game it falls flat. For those searching for it you might check eBay where it goes, on average, for between $10 and $20. The cartridge itself is somewhat rare, but it's in such low demand that it doesn't seem to matter.

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