Meg and Mog are a witch and her long-suffering cat in a series of children's picture books written by Helen Nicoll and illustrated by Jan Pienkowski. The first book, of the same name, was published in 1972, and at the time of writing, 13 have followed in its wake.


The most striking feature of the books is the simplistic, bold illustration style, and the free use of space for words and pictures. We don't see a page of words with a picture opposite - they share the space. Sometimes we see speech bubbles, sometimes a single word across a whole page. This makes the books and the words interesting for novice readers.

As for the story lines; these are so far-fetched to be delightful for younger readers, and charming and amusing to older folks. The pair, along with their friend, Owl, travel to the moon, go to a witches' halloween party and get lost at sea - and Meg's well-meaning spells almost always go wrong.



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