This is one story about my life which I quite enjoy telling because it was so random.

I was taking a Gap Year in Kenya (in 2006) and after esacping my atrocious NGO and the aweful people who insisted on feeding me cheese everyday - I finally managed to meet the Special Forces of the US!

Along the way, I met Joyce, got really bad food posioning and also nearly died from heat stroke.

Other things that I did/ happened to me was that I ended up in a tiny corner of the world called Lamu Island. Now Lamu (pronounced Laa-moo) is in the lowlands of Kenya. It is a tiny Island bordering on the Indian Ocean and is straight between the border of Somalia and Kenya.

Its people are Muslim and there was alot of refugees from Somalia aswell as a considerable amount of Pirates around that area going up to the infamous 'Horn of Africa'. Somalia has been undergoing civil war for a considerable amount of the second half of the twentieth century. However, none of that bothered me.

So as it turned out every weekend the US Special Forces would ride up on their rubber dingy and then shag the prostitues on Lamu/ get drunk and go back to their base.

One of them who I met was a chef or at least he said that he was a chef he probably was, but he was mightily interested in me.

I guess 'cos of the awkward place I might have seemed very interesting at the time...

Thankyou for your nice comments and suggestions.

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