A mud hosted at medievia.com ports 4000-4007

It's perhaps the mud with the greatest combination of longevity and infamy, mostly due to it's constantly criticised owner, Mike Krause (Vryce). In the game, the main objective of most players is to achieve fame, fortune, or power. Of course, there are plenty of people who just enjoy beating the snot out of each other.

It's arguably the greatest free as in beer mud on the internet today, although players can donate cash to get special equipment that gives them the ability to return to life faster when they die, or fly faster on dragonback. (Affectionately known as Taxi Dragons.) These donations come in the form of real cash, however the vast majority of players trade medievia cash (gc) for someone else to purchase a donation item for them.
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Medievia is the most entertaining game I've ever played. It has endless replay value, as long as you can stand replaying the same zones a few times to get experience. There are TONS of places to go. There are well over a hundred clans to choose from, four different classes to play (all of which can be eventually played by the same character), too many zones to count, massive trading runs to make some cash, there are too many possibilities to count. You'll barely lag at all on slower connections compared to the high-quality-graphics games we've all played before. And you don't need any sort of a fast machine to play it, it's all TEXT!

If you couldn't already tell, I'm very addicted to this game. If you're worried about replay value, don't worry. It'll take you at least a year (most people) to finally become a hero, and then there are tons of other possibilities to try. If you get the chance, log onto medievia.com port 4000 to 4007 and give it a try. I highly suggest you get a MUD client program. I prefer MudMaster 2000, because it's easy to script for, the interface is well put together, and just like Medievia itself, IT'S FREE! Give the game a shot, it's well worth your time. Look for me under Arcona if you get the chance or get bored (I highly doubt it). And don't get frustrated if you take a little while to get used to the interface, there are plenty of scripts and the like to make it much easier. And if you want top-quality, ZMud costs a one time fee of $20 and it has lots of extra features, but you don't need it to play. Enjoy the game!

Back in the early days of the internet, Medievia was cutting-edge as MUDs go. Sadly it has lost its popularity due to graphical MMORPGs and significant distancing between the game developers and player base. When the game became corporate, the developers gained a holier than thou attitude and this has cost them one of the largest MUD playerbases in the world.

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