A group based out of Bakersfield, California who, in their own words, are attempting to build and pilot the worlds first fully operational anime inspired mecha.

The group has appeared at Anime Expo as well as Sakuracon to speak to what are reported to be packed rooms of mecha fans on the subject of actually constructing a real mech, a dream that appeals to most fans of mecha anime.

According to their site, the group has plans and blueprints as well as technical data and theory testing on the various applications of a mecha, such as construction, space and undersea exploration and of course military possibilities.

While some of the ideas initially seem farfetched or unrealistic, the group is taking a slow and steady approach and demonstrate the attitude that it can all be done, in time at least. Items such as transformable mecha, flight and how this would affect war have all been discussed at their QA forums at anime conventions as well as on their forum boards along with concepts such as events in Neon Genesis Evangelion, the possibility of using protoculture and what sort of bumper sticker goes best on a mecha.

Mechanized Propulsion Systems can be found at http://www.mechaps.com

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