Mechanics Hall is a world-class concert hall located is Worcester, MA. It was built in 1857 and completely restored in 1977. It is home to the Worcester Music Festival and the Hook organ. The Worcester Music Festival, founded in 1859, is the oldest music festival in the USA, and the Hook organ, built in 1864, is "the oldest four-keyboard organ in the Western Hemisphere." (By keyboards, they mean manuals, of course.

Mechanics Hall hosts everything from classical to jazz to rock concerts, comdeians, ballets, and many other things. The talent is both world-renowned, such as Yo-Yo Ma or Arturo Sandoval, or local, such as the various colleges in the Worcester area.

There is only one bubbler in the entire building and it tastes like a pool.

Most of this information came from the Mechanics Hall web site, I'm sure you can pick out what didn't.

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