"What basketball team did Joe Greene play for?"

Mum recognized the name at least. She had bought a bag of collard and turnip greens at the supermarket one day, with the drawing of Mean Joe in a generic football outfit, wearing his #75. I don't know why she bought this particular brand - she isn't even much of a sports fan, much less the sort of lemming who'd buy Mark McGwire Gefilte Fish after being saturated with a whiz-bang advertising campaign.

I jogged her memory of who the man was, reminding her of the old Thanks, Mean Joe! television ads. She speculated about how hands-on Mr. Greene might be with his product, as opposed to, say, the endorser of David Beckham's Original Recipe Buffalo Wings. I figured that Mean Joe might really be into the thing, that, having grown up in Louisiana (methinks), he became quite the connoisseur of greens, as he grew to the full and great stature of a defensive lineman.

Mum tried the greens. She liked them a lot. She bought another bag a few days later. Thanks, Mean Joe!

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