An incredibly small, two-seater sports car (?) produced by Japan's Mazda, regrettably only for the 1993 model year.

Since the AZ-1 is a lightweight "K-car" (basically, a micro), it doesn't offer too much in the way of engine power. Its Suzuki-produced, mid-mounted, 660cc (0.6-liter!) inline three-cylinder DOHC engine, while turbocharged and intercooled, only meets 63 hp (the limit for K-cars). The entire car is built from lightweight plastic panels and weighs in at a grand total of 720 kg (1590 lbs). Of course, it never became popular because of its power, or lack thereof -- the tiny car is extremely attractive, with its almost-ugly, yet almost-cute round headlights, gull-wing doors, and generally eye-catching design makes the AZ-1 a favorite. But remember -- it's very cramped: don't expect to fit inside of one if you're taller than the average Japanese person. There isn't even any storage space.

Almost as quickly as they appeared on the market, the AZ-1's production ended after only eight months, with Mazda having been hit hard by the Japanese economic recession. Only 4,409 AZ-1s were produced. A "twin" car, the Suzuki Cara, was produced alongside the AZ-1, but suffered the same fate.

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