Today marked a dogeared page in the next chapter of my life's ventures. By which I mean that today I sent the final revision, with the stamp of approval of every (living) author, to the publisher, for Pandeism: An Anthology, Volume 2. Except that it isn't actually called that. The publisher is of the mind (and I must trust their long experience on this one) that appending a "2" (or a "II" or a "Two") will harm sales, as potential readers will think that it's something they can't get into if they haven't read the "1"/"I"/"One." And in this instance, it is more the opposite. The most consistent criticism of Pandeism: An Anthology was that it was challenging to read, with author after author pressing intense philosophical and theological concepts, even mathematical ones, with nary a breather but the poetry occasionally breaking in between.

And so this second volume, to issue in print some four-to-six-months hence (and as an e-book another few months thereafter) is a markedly more accessible volume titled: Pandeism: An Anthology of the Creative Mind. And a celebration of the Creative Mind it is indeed, with deep dives into Heinlein and Vonnegut and pieces invoking Fritz Kahn and Cosmic Mythology. Our other authors include an octogenarian Hindu physicist/humanist, a working police detective seeking to live by the principles of Stoicism, a longtime lawyer and blogger on the relationship between Judaism and Science, and a Thai-born Texas mixed martial artist-turned blues-rock guitarist. The poetic interludes are as frequent and more broadly writ, with resident poet Amy Perry (now elevated to co-editor of the whole, much to the other editor's relief) contributing her contingent of pieces, but alongside several from the other authors.

Our original Anthology has now spent 80 weeks in the top 40 Amazon e-books in the Deism category. And so it will be most interesting to see if this newer, more brightly lit and easily read volume matches that feat, and if perhaps we are able even to build upon it synergistically. Blessings, All!!

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